Review: Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can

“How’d you pass the bar?” The true story of Frank William Abagnale is an awe-inspiring, thrilling and enthralling experience that Steven Spielberg masterfully captures on the silver screen.

With outstanding performances from Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom Hanks and Christopher Walken, the film delivers a fun and intense 2-hour chase that keeps you on your heels. Christopher Walken stands out for his portrayal of Frank Abagnale Sr, a loving con man of a father, and Frank Jr’s obvious inspiration. Leonardo Di Caprio is a charming lead and he carries the movie with his wit and likability. Tom Hanks’ character, while he is annoying at times, gives a funny and interesting dynamic between the catcher and the catchee.

Steven Spielberg directs spectacularly, not leaving any gaps in his direction of characters and development as well. John Williams provides a brilliant toe tapping score to go along with the constantly-on–the- run vibe that the movie gives off. This Spielberg masterpiece is incredibly written, directed and acted, providing for me, an unprecedented movie experience. This film leaves other 2002 movie’s in the dust (with the exception of Finding Nemo) and has other directors wondering “How’d he do it?” and has Spielberg laughing, saying “catch me if you can!”

Score: Acting: 10

Directing: 10

Writing: 10

Effects: 9

Story telling: 10

Rewatchability: 9

Character Development: 10

Humour: 9

How-hooked: 10

Opening up a sequel: 10



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  1. Never felt motivated to watch this but now I will!


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