Review: Minority Report

Minority Report

“Everybody runs fletch, everybody runs.” These iconic words are spoken by Tom Cruise’s character as he’s about to be pursued by his former subordinates in a high speed chase, in a dark, complex and largely fascinating action thriller.

Tom Cruise’s character, while not terribly interesting, manages to make us somewhat empathetic for the loss of his son and his marriage while delivering alarmingly static character development. Colin Farrell gives the best performance in the film, the character is well written and his suave and likable nature makes him undoubtedly the best character in the film. Max von Sydow gives an excellent performance as well and was well motivated and written.

The plot is thick, complicated but strangely well executed. No loose ends were left and I didn’t feel empty towards the end of the film. Steven Spielberg directs passionately, with thrilling action sequences and an eye opening twist. The super meta story keeps audiences wowed every step of the way and does not skimp on suspense. This film is thought provoking and will leave paradoxes coursing through your mind.

Spielberg hardly ever seizes to amaze me, and this film is one of his greats.

Score: Acting: 8

Direction: 10

Writing: 9

Effects: 10

Story Telling: 9

Rewatchability: 7

Character Development: 7

Action: 10

How-hooked: 9

Opening up a sequel: 9



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