Top 10 can’t waits for 2017

I love films. But what I love even more than films? Films that haven’t come out! There’s something about the dramatic hubbub and the insatiable tidbits we receive every now and then about an upcoming film that certainly keeps me on my toes and gets me excited beyond compare. 2017 is shaping up to be a successful year for blockbuster movies no doubt, and my job here today is to share with you, the top ten movies that I can’t wait for in 2017.

10. War for the planet of the apes

I am deeply in love with this re-invigoration of the 1960’s phenomenon, and this new installment is no exception. Rise of the planet of the apes succeeded in telling us the story of Caesar and how his emotions came about, and what he truly feels inside, while Dawn showed us the struggles he faces with leadership, and the human opposition. This third installment is going to focus mainly, on the war between humans and apes, and I couldn’t be more excited. Seeing this full out action, and the emotional stakes it bears will be utterly fulfilling to say the least, and I hope the movie ends the franchise on a high-note.

9. Alien Covenant

Huge Alien fan. I am a HUGE alien fan. I believe Alien is on my top ten of all time (which you will see eventually) and any installment in the franchise is welcome on my screen. I was not the biggest fan of Prometheus, but I did like the cast, and I thought it was powerfully acted. I am more than happy to see this franchise expand and continue to deliver the same excellent quality that it started off with in 1979. Michael Fassbender has been confirmed to be the main villain in the film, serving as the only surviving member of the Prometheus, as another crew comes to meet his synthetic, and calculated malevolence.

8. Kong: Skull Island

Along with being a fan of alien movies, I can say the same for big monster movies. I did enjoy 2014’s Godzilla, and I’m incredibly thrilled that they’re making a shared universe between the two monsters of cinema. The Kong skull island trailer shocked me thoroughly. I was not expecting the comic-con trailer to be as good as it was, and it most definitely blew me away. Samuel L. Jackson looks great in his role, John Goodman looks wonderful as usual, and King Kong himself is simply the most beautiful terror, I have ever seen on screen. I loved Godzilla’s design in 2014, but this King Kong definitely looks like it could take Godzilla for a ride, and I can’t wait for them to set this character up for that match-up.

7. Wonder Woman

Finally. A solo movie for one the most popular superheroes of all time. I’m immensely shocked we haven’t gotten one thus far, but boy am I happy that its coming up soon. Wonder woman in Batman vs Superman was one of the better parts of the theatrical cut, and judging by the trailer, it seems extremely promising. Gal Gadot is gorgeous, absolutely stunning, and I really cannot imagine anyone else as wonder woman now that she’s portrayed her. The story is set during the first world war, so we know the action set-pieces are going to be literally mind-blowing. Chris Pine as Steve Trevor is also a bit curious, I would like to see how that plays out, and how he fits into wonder woman’s story. All in all, D.C needs some redemption in my books after the atrocities of B v S theatrical cut and Suicide Squad (any cut), hopefully Wonder Woman can deliver.

6. Thor Ragnarok

Hulk returns in this movie. That is all I have to say. Well of course not but, that is one of the key factors of my butt being put in the cinema seat. Rumor Has it that they’re doing a World War Hulk Story line, and possibly including 2016’s Dr. Strange to the movie. This gets me SUPER excited (no pun intended) as I loved every minute of Dr. Strange, and can’t wait to see him, Hulk and Thor on the big screen together. Just the thought of seeing veterans like Loki and Bruce Banner again makes me tingle. Hiddleston and Ruffalo both easily give my favorite performances in these MCU movies, and any movie with them in it, with marvel on the label has got my ticket 100%.

5. Justice League

I don’t think people really understand how important this movie is. This singlehandedly decides the fate of the DCEU. Not wonder woman, but Justice League. If the ensemble piece that they have been working towards for 4 years is a massive flop, then dozens of people lose their jobs, and you get an angry throng of passionate comic-book lovers rioting at the front door of WB studios. This movie has Batman, Wonder-woman, Flash, Cyborg, Aqua-man, and quite possibly superman in it, there’s a lot to be hopeful for! From the footage we’ve seen from Sandiego’s comic-con, we can draw certain conclusions on the tone, the style and the overall feel for the movie, and I must say that I am extremely excited as a D.C comics enthusiast.

4. Logan

This is based almost entirely on two things. This is Hugh Jackman’s final performance as Wolverine, and I hardly think anyone will ever succeed him in his powerful 17 year portrayal of the wolverine. And secondly, the trailer was absolutely amazing. Using Johnny Cash’s last song in the trailer for Hugh Jackman’s last wolverine movie? Pure Gold, you’ve got me sold FOX, you’ve got me sold. I fell in love with the X-men comics and TV-shows when I was in diapers, and I’ve followed Hugh Jackman’s wolverine my entire life. I am in love with the character, and his last Hurrah is one that I am most anxious to see.

3. Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2

When I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy in the summer of 2014, it was an unprecedented movie experience, truly. I had never seen anything like it. It was fresh, humorous, action-packed and emotional. I loved the movie to bits and its still to this day one of my favorite superhero movies. The trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 that have been released look splendid, and I’m more than happy with what they’re going for in the sequel. The trailers offer us a more grandiose scale, with the same fast-paced action and witty dialogue from the original; they also promise us a substantial amount of Baby groot merchandise, and boy will we eat it up.

2. Spiderman: Homecoming

Spiderman was arguably the most integral part of my childhood apart from my family. The original trilogy with Sam Raimi was something that I had shrines to, and watched nonstop in our family minivan. Tobey Maguire will forever be my spider-man, but Tom Holland is shaping up to be a suitable contender.By the looks of it, his Spider-man  seems more witty and wise-cracking than Tobey’s, but his Peter Parker seems more human, and nerdier than Andrew Garfield’s. That “grey area” that he fits in looks to be one that fans and critics alike will enjoy. Spiderman was one of the best parts of 2016’s Civil war, and if the movie is anything like it’s potential, my ticket will be the first to be booked.

1. Star Wars Episode 8

There it is. I am a Star Wars nerd. I have Darth Vader pajamas, 3 posters in my room, and a light-saber to go with it. I think it’s fitting that episode 8 is number one on my 2017 list. Star Wars is the ever present worldwide phenomenon that has spawned countless imitators that pale in comparison to its influence and choke hold on the sci-fi fantasy genre. I enjoyed The Force Awakens a bit more than others did, and that may be bringing it a bit higher on this list, but I have no doubt in my mind, that this will be the biggest movie of 2017. We’ll find out about Rey’s heritage, we’ll get more of that classic Star Wars lore to uncover, and we’re most definitely getting another light saber duel, who can say no to that? I sure can’t.


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