Spider-Man Franchise: Review

As the much awaited Spider-Man: Homecoming approaches us, I thought it would timely for me to review the movies that feature the notorious web-slinger in the driver’s seat. Spider-man is my child-hood favorite superhero, so a bit of nostalgia may be playing into these reviews, but I’ll try and keep it fairly leveled. Remember, these are MY opinions, you’re welcome to disagree and argue with me in the comment section.

1.Spider-Man (2002)


Review: One of my personal favorites, Spider-man ushered in the age of superhero movies with originality, an undeniably fresh sense of fun and an iconic score to cement its place in film history.

Verdict: 96%


2. Spider-Man 2 (2004)


Review: Spider-man two studied the successes of The Empire Strikes Back, Aliens and T:2 Judgment day, and emulated their darker tones, increased action, and heightened tension, to provide arguably one of the greatest sequels of all time. With rich character development, mind-boggling fight choreography, and a soaring score, Spider-man 2 excels on all fronts, and it is truly a triumph for the superhero genre.

Verdict: 94%


3. Spider-Man 3 (2007)


Review: Spider-man three had infinite hype to live up to; unfortunately, it is disappointing on a lot of fronts, but it does deserve commendation for a few story-lines, and a bevy of action sequences that are dazzling to the eyes. The film is not overwhelmingly bad, but its convoluted nature, and its butchering of beloved source material, left audiences with a sour and unsatisfying taste in their mouths for the finale of the Spider-man trilogy.

Verdict: 61%


4. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)


Review: A decidedly premature outing for the masked vigilante, The Amazing Spider-man loses the innocence and whimsy the original had, but provides enough source material accuracy and tantalizing effects to provide an experience worthy of its titular character. Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker is the main problem of the film, with the character departing from its roots, and instead going for a more “loner” approach than the original nerd take; this in turn disengages the audience, and does not let us feel for him as much. The film is witty and fun, but a slightly darker take on the familiar web-slinger.

Verdict: 74%


5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)


Review: The Amazing spider-man 2 had to follow one of the most controversial reboot decisions in modern day film history. The film ultimately had all the makings of a decent movie: An attractive lead, wit and humor, tantalizing action, and chemistry between the protagonists. However, the execution was severely botched. With a cast arguably more bloated than Spider-man 3, and an utterly confused tone, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 fails on several fronts, and delivers a less than satisfactory sequel to a decent film. Marc Webb had deep desires to expand and continue this franchise, and this film buried it into the ground. The film is confused by itself with its multiple bland story-lines and tempos; ultimately, the movie has charm and wit, but not much after that.

Verdict: 53%


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