Review: Baby Driver

Baby Driver

“That’s my Baby!”

Edgar is a mastermind, and he has made 3 of my favorite movies of all time: Shaun of the Dead, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, and now Baby Driver. Baby Driver is a magnificent blend of a high-octane thrill ride, and a whimsical romantic adventure; as a result, we get a masterfully told narrative with a lot of heart, and non-stop action.

Let’s get into the good stuff, because there’s a LOT of that. Baby Driver is immensely engaging, and really does a great job of capturing the audience’s attention even during the more personal parts of the film. The movie is as kinetic as can be, and never ceases to amaze with each scene it presents. Edgar Wright’s patented fast-paced film-making is ever at work here, as his quick and witty dialogue mixed with his able direction of set-pieces and actors allows the movie to soar to great heights.

Secondly, ALL the acting performances were top-notch. I genuinely felt for Ansel Elgort’s eponymous character Baby, and his waitress girlfriend Debora, played by Lily James, because their backstories tied so well into each-other, and their collective innocence and whimsy had me rooting for them. Jamie Foxx’s character annoyed me, and I hated him from the very start, but because that’s how he was written, that’s how the character was intended to be, and because he is, in a way the antagonist of the story, Jamie and Edgar deserve props for creating such an irrefutably unlikable character. Jon Hamm’s character was an interesting one. We know that he’s supremely attached to his lover, played by Eiza Gonzalez, and that he will do just about ANYTHING for her provided the he’s surrounded by the right circumstances. When we finally see his true personality come out, he’s a force to be reckoned with, and its quite a scary sight. There’s a character exploration scene towards the end of the 2nd act of the film, and its rather fantastic. The characters attempt to guess each-other’s backstory, and the facial expressions of the cast give away way more than words could have ever. That must be one of the best scenes of this year.

The action in the film as I mentioned before is just simply astounding. There are innumerable amounts of car-chases, shoot-outs, and on-foot pursuits. The sheer speed with which the film moves, is akin to the high-speed chases the movie displays. We get to see Baby at his finest, zipping through the streets to deliver some of the best car-chase sequences ever put to film. The actual action in the film is incredible too. It never takes itself  TOO seriously, but there are moments where the tension is palpable, and you’re aching for a resolution. Edgar Wright plays around with themes of innocence, wonder, family, trust and loyalty, combining all of them to create a euphoric adventure for the ages. The movie is simply a bundle of joy, jam-packed with all the things that constitute a fantastic film.

If I had a qualm with the film, it would be that I expected it to be a little funnier, considering it is an Edgar Wright film. It has quite a few laughs, but not like Shaun of the Dead or Scott Pilgrim; however, the movie more than makes up for this with its undeniable charm, and heart-thumping action.



Acting: 9

Directing: 10

Writing: 9

Visual Effects: 9

Story telling: 10

Re-watch-value: 10

Character Development: 10

Humor: 8

How-hooked: 10

Cohesiveness: 9







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